Pour Your Dream Out

The Entrepreneurial Journey

In an era brimming with opportunities and creativity, a group of passionate women yearned to find a shining pathway for their dreams. It was at this moment that our brand was born.

Miss L 3:1 Epoxy resin

Make Your Resin Work Easier

Are you still annoying with the bubbles oon your resin art work? Are you still hastily pouring the epoxy resin into the mold before it becomes sticky? Now it's time to try Miss L epoxy resin.

Something About Miss L

Hello, I'm Lilian Gin. From the beginning of my personal hobby, I have experienced a long time of exploration to find better and more novel materials to complete my resin works. Up to now, I have developed my hobby into a career and bulit this brand Miss L to shared all he great resin materials I have accumulated over the years with more people who interested in resin art work. I hope my molds and materials will inspire all the people to create unique and stunning crafts. Hope these products on my site can promote your small business too.