Hello, I'm Lilian Gin. As a resin enthusiast, I always expect to get better materials, more novel and creative inspiration to complete my resin works. I began to explore constantly and spent a lot of time and money trying different materials and methods. Gradually, some people began to like my works and began to ask me to customize some products for them. The customer's requirements, coupled with my experience and inspiration, it usually produce a very satisfactory work. From then on, I develop a simple personal hobby to a career that I enjoy very much, I realized that running a small business is not as difficult as I imagined. To be a mom, I can also have my own career while taking care of my family and children well.

Why can't I help more friends and let them be like me? So I started planning to make a website, so that everyone can directly get high-quality raw materials without going through a long test, and make small business easier. You can find the molds, filling materials, tools and processing methods on my website.

You are very welcome to write an email to lilian@misslcraft.com communicate directly with me about the tips, methods and interesting events in the production process too. You can also tell me that the materials you need which are not sold on my website. I will try my best to help you find them.

If you get what you expect on my website, I will be very honored and happy for it.